The Athlete Games 2022

Congratulations to our top 54 Burn Athletes on making it to Finals in our Master’s and Standard Division! Burn Athlete Games is the ultimate Strength and Conditioning competition that will test the physical and mental limits of our Athletes.

Hosted by Burn Boot Camp Headquarters, the best woman and man in the Master’s and Standard divisions, to conquer the challenge will win the title of ‘Ultimate Burn Athlete’ as well as a $2,000 grand prize! Burn Athlete Games Finals will be hosted in Lake Norman October 1st and 2nd.

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Finals Location
  • Lake Norman, NC

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Final 54 Burn Athletes will receive:
  • Reigning 2022 Burn Athlete Title
  • 2022 Burn Athlete Medal
  • Complimentary Burn Athlete Apparel
  • Complimentary Burn Athlete Photoshoot
  • $119 Entrance Fee Refund
Ultimate Burn Athletes will receive:
  • Reigning 2022 Ultimate Burn Athlete Title
  • Personalized Hall of Fame Plaque displayed at Headquarters
  • Ultimate Burn Athlete Trophy
  • 2022 Burn Athlete Medal
  • $119 Entrance Fee Refund
  • $2,000 Grand Prize
  • Exclusive HQ VIP Experience Package
  • Must be an active Burn Boot Camp Trainer
  • Gym location must be open prior to July 15, 2022
  • Trainer must get permission from Franchise Partner before registering
  • Entrance Fee: $119 per athlete
  • Travel/Lodging/Food: At athlete’s expense

All competing athletes will be required to sign two liability waivers: Regional location-specific waiver and Final Lake Norman waiver. All athletes will be provided with rules and expectations including but not limited to appropriate behavioral conduct, drug use, and sportsmanship. These will be provided prior to the Regional Qualifiers and must be upheld by all competitors at all times.

Day 1

Smoked Stack

On the Chin

Bucked Up

Day 2

Keepin’ it 100

Med Ball Me To Death


Burn Boot Camp HQ

Burn Boot Camp Headquarters
307 Gilead Rd.
Huntersville, NC 28027

Burn Boot Camp HQ

Burn Boot Camp Headquarters
307 Gilead Rd.
Huntersville, NC 28027